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So sorry, guys!

I’ve been incredibly busy lately. Between vacation, work and school, it’s been difficult for me to fit in time for much else other than just that. I’m sure some of you have noticed the lack of posts in the past few weeks. However, I’ve got more content in the works, along with some funny videos, audio, pictures, etc. You know, all the great stuff that I usually post. :D

While I’m working on that, however, you could also drop by my ask and lend me a few of those ideas popping around in your apt little brains, now couldn’t you? ;)

Once again, thank you for all the faithful followers, and hope all is well as always.

feministflowers said:
Bluh. To everyone who sends you anon hate, they're just jealous that your blog is panda coffee and their's isn't. Love the blog, keep it up!

Thank you. You’re fantastic, man. Let me love you<333

Title: Ringtones
Artist: Richie Sambora
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Richie Sambora ringtones.

Dear followers, please think of the context of the text before you react.

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We are winning for now,but MJ is catching up. So hurry up and vote until you get banned ! :D



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